3 Great Ideas gain grants

Christy Heun – Learning in Motion — Rossiter Elementary School

More than 1,000 students will participate in the University of Montana’s CoMotion Dance Project’s Interactive production, “Fire Speaks the Land,” which uses dance and original music to teach science. It will be performed at the middle school auditorium for all of Helena’s fourth- and fifth-graders.


Patrick Rieley – Connecting the World with Flags — Rossiter Elementary School

Connecting the World with Flags brings a display of flags from every country around the world into the classroom, and fourth-graders will make flags of other nations. The students will conclude their year of exploration with a schoolwide International Day in May.


Heidi Herbolich – A Book to Bring a Community Together — Rossiter Elementary School

The “One School, One Book” program creates a shared reading experience throughout an entire school community and highlights the importance of family literacy. With help from HEF, the school will purchase one chapter book for each student, targeting nearly 500 students.