3M learning goals for Friday, May 22

Buenos dias, clase…

Today is the final day of our virtual Helena history field trip. We hope this activity has inspired you to visit some of the places you learned about.

-check your Activity in Teams for feedback

  • remember to check your Activity in Teams for feedback
  • do your corrections (if needed) and resubmit your assignment
  • send me a chat in Teams if you need help with any of your work
  • please remember to click “Edit document” and “Edit in Browser” before you make your corrections, then be sure to save and resubmit

-attend Show and Tell, Joys, Hopes, and Concerns

  • hope to see you today at 1:00 p.m.
  • check your Teams calendar and join us

-go to Teams to continue your virtual field trip (Day 5)

  • from our Rossiter 3rd grade team, in the “Assignments” tab, open “Virtual Field Trip Day 5”
  • after you answer the questions, turn in your assignment
  • all of your work from this week is due today by midnight

-play Prodigy for 15-20 minutes

  • from our classroom Clever page or classroom website, go to Prodigy
  • practice putting fractions on a number line

-read for 15-20 minutes

Hug, handshake, high five to you all!


Mrs. Murnion