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Posted on January 12, 2017

Breakfast After the Bell

Beginning Tuesday, January 17th, the bell will ring at 8:25 & breakfast will be served in the classroom. If your child eats breakfast at home, feel free to pack a simple breakfast for them to eat with their classmates. (example: bagel, PB&J, fruit, cheese stick etc.)

Posted on January 11, 2017


The staff parking lot is for STAFF ONLY!!!  This parking lot is NOT a student pick up or drop off area!  This parking lot is not monitored by anyone.  It is not safe for children to be in this lot! Please use the school parking lot that is designed with a cross walk & is patrolled by our staff. For everyone’s safety, please obey the signs & follow the rules.  Thank you!

Posted on January 11, 2017

Smoke Free Campus

Rossiter’s current Smoke Free Campus policy does apply to cars on school property.  Please No Smoking in the parking lot.

Thank you!

Posted on January 7, 2016

Rossiter received a $500 Grant

Rossiter received a $500 grant through MEA-MFT in support of our Conflict Manager Program.

The Montana Professional Teaching Foundation is pleased to announce its
first grant program for classroom assistance available to all Montana public
school employees. This grant program is named after one of Montana’s great
educators, Karen Cox, who lost her life doing what she loved, working to
improve education. She took seriously her opportunities to support her fellow
teachers, and therefore it is fitting that this grant program be named in her


The grant money will be spent on supplies for training day for next year’s conflict managers, as well as on supplies for our Healthy Snack Shack on Wednesday mornings before school.

The program came into existence at Rossiter this school year, thanks to the huge support of our parent council. This year’s conflict managers have also helped raise funds for future years at the Carnival Classic, by sales at parent/teacher conferences and through the Candy Cane Grams at Christmastime.

Thank you all for your support and kudos to the first-year conflict managers and mentors for all their efforts.

Tara Thompson

Para educator, Rossiter Elementary
Posted on November 16, 2015

3 Great Ideas gain grants

Christy Heun – Learning in Motion — Rossiter Elementary School

More than 1,000 students will participate in the University of Montana’s CoMotion Dance Project’s Interactive production, “Fire Speaks the Land,” which uses dance and original music to teach science. It will be performed at the middle school auditorium for all of Helena’s fourth- and fifth-graders.


Patrick Rieley – Connecting the World with Flags — Rossiter Elementary School

Connecting the World with Flags brings a display of flags from every country around the world into the classroom, and fourth-graders will make flags of other nations. The students will conclude their year of exploration with a schoolwide International Day in May.


Heidi Herbolich – A Book to Bring a Community Together — Rossiter Elementary School

The “One School, One Book” program creates a shared reading experience throughout an entire school community and highlights the importance of family literacy. With help from HEF, the school will purchase one chapter book for each student, targeting nearly 500 students.

Posted on November 16, 2015


Rossiter B.U.G. (Bring Up Grades) 2015-2016
Begins the Second Quarter of School November 9, 2015
This program is sponsored by the Kiwanis (see below letter)

Rossiter Expectations:
Students need to do one of the Academic goals and either the Attendance or Behavior goal.

1. Academics Goal
a. If you have Straight A’s, maintain the grades


b. Bring up your grades in (2) subjects
2. Attendance Goal                         OR                        Behavior Goal
a. Miss only (2) full days                                                   a. Loss of Privilege none (0)
Or (4) half days a quarter                                                                     And
And                                                                         b. Incident Reports none (0)
b. (2) or less tardies a quarter


Incentive program
2nd quarter Lunch at Jorgensen’s with the Kiwanian members
3rd quarter Ice cream and Cookie party at Rossiter
4th quarter Pizza Party at Rossiter

*If you did not make the fourth quarter expectation but made the expectation
for the 2nd or 3rd quarter, you will be invited to the Pizza Party.


Dear Parent,

The Helena Kiwanis Club, working with the Helena Unified School District administration, is proud to announce that B.U.G. is back!

B.U.G. (Bring Up Grades) is a program designed to provide recognition to students in the 4th and 5th grades who work hard to raise their academic grades to an acceptable range, and maintain or continue to raise them from one grading period to the next. Recognition includes a presentation to each student qualifying as a B.U.G. of a certificate and prizes after the 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter and at year-end. Parents of honorees are welcome to attend any celebration with their child. If you decide to attend please let your child’s teacher know.

Beginning with the district’s 2015-2016 second quarter, students who are recognized by their teachers for academic achievement will be honored as a B.U.G. by our Kiwanis Club. After grade cards for the 2nd quarter are sent home, B.U.G. recipients will be invited to attend a Helena Kiwanis Club meeting for lunch. A school-bus will transport students to and from Jorgensen’s, where they will join our Kiwanian members to be recognized with a certificate and some fun prizes honoring their accomplishments. A cookie and ice cream party will be set up at school after the 3rd quarter grades come out, then at the end of the school year, new 4th quarter B.U.G.’s along with all prior recipients, will be invited to a pizza party hosted by Helena Kiwanis Club at their respective schools. Fourth quarter B.U.G. honorees will be given their certificates and prizes at the party.

We are once again honored to sponsor this wonderful program and to be working with our community’s youth as we promote academic achievement through B.U.G. Thank you for your support.


Rebecca Hargis

Helena Kiwanis Club

B.U.G. Coordinator

Posted on October 21, 2015

Facility Improvement Plan

School District Invites Public to Participate in Facility Improvement Plan

Save the Date:  Community Listening Sessions Kickoff November 9

The Helena Board of Trustees wants to hear what the community thinks is important to improve our school facilities to enhance student achievement.

The School District has hired a professional facilitator to conduct a series of six (6) Community Listening Sessions that kicks off on Monday, November 9, 2015 at the Ray Bjork Learning Center Gymnasium.

“We know our students and teachers need better school facilities in which to learn and to teach,” said Board Chair Aidan Myhre. “It’s important for us to hear the public’s ideas to move forward together on another school facility bond.”

Superintendent Kent Kultgen added, “Facilities are important to support our District’s educational goals.  These Listening Sessions are a good way for the community to engage in the process and to let us know what is important to them.”

These Community Listening Sessions will convene at 5:30 p.m. and include refreshments.  Each meeting will officially begin at 6:00 p.m. and end by 8:30 p.m.


Refreshments and Check-in – 5:30 p.m.

Facilitated Discussion 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.



1.      Monday, November 9

Ray Bjork Learning Center Gym

1600 8th Ave, Helena, MT 59601

2.      Wednesday, November 11

Ray Bjork Learning Center Gym

1600 8th Ave, Helena, MT 59601

3.      Thursday, November 12

Jim Darcy Elementary School

990 Lincoln Rd W, Helena, MT 59602

4.      Monday, December 7

Ray Bjork Learning Center Gym

1600 8th Ave, Helena, MT 59601

5.      Wednesday, December 9

Ray Bjork Learning Center Gym

1600 8th Ave, Helena, MT 59601

6.      Thursday, December 10

Warren Elementary School

2690 old York Road, Helena, MT 59602

Two additional Listening Sessions will be held for District Staff.  More information concerning school facilities or these Community Listening Sessions can be found on the District’s website at

Posted on October 12, 2015

NO parking in Handicapped parking area

Unless you have a permit….Please do not park in our Handicapped Parking.  We have several families that need to use this parking space.  Thank you!

Posted on October 5, 2015

One class at a Time

Congratulations to Mrs. Hofter on $250.00 grant from Interstate Bank. She will purchase a listening center for her Kindergarten class. The center would include the headphones/player as well as books/cds. Many students are entering our rooms without high listening skills or a love for listening to and reading stories. She would love to add a listening center to enhance and enrich the children’s multi-sensory experience with books. A benefit of the center is hearing a book on cd can help students realize how the words on a page can come to life in an expressive and fluid manner. They can hear the author/narrator embellish with fun or silly voices which makes reading a pleasure, rather than a learned skill and motivates them want to learn to read. Students would be able to listen to stories at and above their reading level and be introduced to new vocabulary. It would also give the opportunity to improve on their listening skills which is an important part of reading. She could also incorporate the listening center into other content areas.


Posted on September 17, 2015

Early Release

Early Release on Mondays!!

Students will be released from classes at 2:30 p.m.
each Monday, for professional development time for teachers.
Buses will run their regular routes.

Our district is very appreciative of our community for supporting our efforts to schedule professional development time that is directly related to student achievement.  Teachers and support staff will be using the early release time to work together to improve their professional practice in an effort to endure more students learn more.  Our work will include:

  • Studying and clarifying the meaning of the MT State Standards and The Career and Technology Education industry standards
  • Developing an understanding of what the standard looks like in student work
  • Designing units of study
  • Writing common assessments
  • Analyzing the results of the common assessments
  • Planning additional, time, support and extension for students

Our goal is simply to have more students learning more.