Success Maker

SuccessMaker at Home

As many of you know, we use a computer-based product called SuccessMaker Math with all of our students in grades 2-5 three to five times a week. Each child spends 15 minutes per day practicing various math skills while at school. We have found this program to help us produce significant gains in math ability with many of our students.

This program is available for use in your home. Your child can sign on to SuccessMaker from your home computer and get even more practice with lots of different math concepts. To access the program, simply type the following link into your browser and hit enter. Your child will use the same username and password as they use in school to sign on.

We are limited to 20 of our students using SuccessMaker at any one given time, whether they are at school or at home. If the program tells you all the licenses are in use, just wait 5 to 10 minutes and try again. The program will automatically end your child’s session after 15 minutes to allow others to access the program. We ask that your student only use SuccessMaker outside of normal school hours.

If your child is a Kindergarten student or a 1st grade student, you can call Rossiter’s office and Mrs. Charmaine Barker can give you the user name and sign on for your child.

We are very excited about the opportunity this provides to our students and to our parents. This program is a great way for your child to practice math at home.