Helena Dynamo’s Mountain Biking Team


The below information is for 5th Grade students who are interested in mountain biking in the Helena area.

The trails are ready and excitement is building.  Helena Dynamos opening parent meeting will take place April 20th at 6:30 in the C. R. Anderson Middle School Library.  We will provide information on how to sign up, gear list, trail ride days and locations.  We will be making some rides on Mount Helena this year and expand our knowledge of the 80 miles of singetrack that Helena boasts.

Our first ride meets at Centennial Park Pump track Friday April 21st.  The following week will ride from the schools on the 28th to the Mount Helena Parking lot and go from there.  See you soon!



Andree Anderberg
NBCT Library Lady
Hawthorne Elementary School


Posted on April 11, 2016

3rd Q E

Posted on October 27, 2015

Way to go Rossiter Students!!

Greetings Rossiter Families!

I am very excited to announce that the students of Rossiter have reached a new fundraising record for the American Heart Association’s, Jump Rope For Heart campaign.   This year’s earnings were (drum roll…) $3,133.95!!!  I am so impressed with the level of participation and the enthusiasm that the students showed.  Their hard work and the generosity of our community will go towards research and education programs provided by the Heart Association.

I also need to thank all of the parents for your effort and time in helping to make this event a grand success!  A note of great thanks to the teachers for their diligence in reminding students to return forms and for getting wayward forms to me.

I have processed the gift record sheet to the Heart Association.  It takes about three weeks to get all the boxes delivered to us in Helena.  As soon as they arrive I will get the students their gifts.  If I have made any mistakes on the order, which I hope not, I will get things corrected right away.  These kid’s worked too hard not to get their reward.

Way to go Rossiter!

Jennifer Loomis

It is time for Jump Rope 4 Heart!  We are going to raise money for the American Heart Association by jumping rope in physical education class.  Grades K-5th will participate the week of November 9 – 13th during their schedule P.E. class.  We have been practicing and improving our skills and learning some new tricks!!  The students have received their donation forms and need to have you Gsign and return the form to Mrs. Loomis as soon as possible.  Then students can set out to ask folks for donations.  When the students has received $5.00 in donations they get a cute little Super Pup key ring with a lanyard.  Some have already accomplished this part of their goal.  The forms are due back during the week of November 9-13, 2015.

The fundraiser is volunteer, so anyone feels tapped out or may have other events going on, it is understandable if you wish to pass or just do a little bit.  Life is so busy!!

Thank you so much for your time and efforts!

Jennifer Loomis

Jump Rope for Heart Informaton

Posted on January 7, 2015

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