Mrs. Dramstad’s Music Classes

Happy Summer!

The 2017-2018 school year was a whirlwind of excitement and new experiences. Highlights among them include:

-several engaging, fun collaborative teaching units between music, phys ed, and library skills. Topics covered in these units include Native American studies, the Olympics, and Latin America. Mrs. Trapp, Mrs. Loomis, and myself are already in cahoots planning for next year’s adventures.

-guest artist performances brought to us by the Myrna Loy. In November, 5th grade and their little buddies enjoyed the Villalobos Brothers. In May, everyone else got to see The Fretless. I hope to bring in many more musicians from the Myrna in the future!

-HEF grant for ukuleles and the 3rd grade ukulele performance. This was, hands down, my favorite part of the entire school year! The third grade worked so diligently for so many months and gained so many skills in the process! I am so proud of their progress and of their performance. If you missed it, or would like to experience it again, you will find all of the songs right here.

As I reflect on my second year teaching at Rossiter, I am so pleased with the risks and new things we tried in music. I look forward to continue exploring new and different ways of learning and of sharing the musical growth of our Rossiter musicians. Next year will be another grand adventure!


Class YouTube Recordings

If you are interested in watching Rossiter music performances, please check out my YouTube channel. This is where informal class projects will be shared, as well as formal concerts performances.

I am particularly excited to share the Third Grade Helena History Program from May 30th, 2018. The third graders did a remarkable job of learning to play the ukulele.



Ukuleles: Helena Education Foundation Grant funding!

The ukuleles have arrived!

The HEF Great Ideas Grant I received in November 2017 has funded the purchase of ukuleles for our Rossiter music room! They have all arrived, along with lots of ukulele music, accessories, and a very fancy storage rack. The third grade is working diligently to develop the fine motor skills and coordination to play these instruments–with great progress so far!

If you are not familiar with the Helena Education Foundation, I encourage you to visit their website and learn about the wonderful and generous ways they support Helena teachers and students. In addition to my ukulele grant, HEF awarded Jennifer Loomis not one but two Great Ideas Grants, one last year for the climbing wall, and another this year to embellish the climbing wall with exciting accessories. Rossiter is truly so fortunate to have the support and energy of the Helena Education Foundation supporting our teachers!

Past Performances

Rossiter has been fortunate to have a great relationship with The Myrna Loy Center who helps bring world-class musicians into the schools. Check out the performers who have visited Rossiter in the past!

Spring 2018: The Fretless

Fall 2017: Villalobos Brothers