Mrs. Dramstad’s Music Classes

Welcome back!

This year begins with a big announcement: change is coming to the Rossiter Holiday Program.

I am excited to announce that this December, the Rossiter fifth graders have chosen to showcase their musical skills and creativity in a new, fifth grade-only musical program rather than the full-school Holiday Concert. When I asked the fifth graders to vote on the holiday experience they want to have, most students expressed a desire to try something new and that is what we will do. The Fifth Grade Winter Jubilee will be held in the Rossiter gymnasium on Tuesday, December 4th at 2:30 p.m. As in past years, this concert will be free and open to the public. Because fifth grade is doing their own, gradelevel concert, they will not be performing at the Fairgrounds on Dec. 20th.

Here are the answers to some questions that I anticipate some of you have:

1. Why is the program different this year? I am exploring new performance opportunities that better demonstrate the profoundly creative learning that our students are already doing in the classroom. The Winter Jubilee will feature students playing instruments, such as drums and xylophones, in ways that simply cannot be shared in the conventional Fairgrounds concert.

2. What about the other grades? Kindergarten will have their own kindergarten program on Dec. 13th at 2:30. First through fourth grade will perform at the Fairgrounds on December 20th at 10:30 a.m.

3. What will the fifth grade do the day of the Fairgrounds program? The fifth grade will stay at Rossiter, just like the kindergarten does. If you are interested in checking your child out of school to attend the Holiday Program at the Fairgrounds, you can do so by contacting the main office.

4. I am interesting in helping. What can I do? As the performance gets closer, I will have a better idea of what assistance I will need. In the meantime, please consider supporting my DonorsChoose page to help get Rossiter students more and better musical instruments to use as they create their own music.

5. I have more questions. What should I do? Please contact me directly with any more questions. My email is and my phone number is 324-1490. I will also be around during parent conferences if you would like to speak with me then.

Class YouTube Recordings

If you are interested in watching Rossiter music performances, please check out my YouTube channel. This is where informal class projects will be shared, as well as formal concerts performances.

I am particularly excited to share the Third Grade Helena History Program from May 30th, 2018. The third graders did a remarkable job of learning to play the ukulele.



Ukuleles: Helena Education Foundation Grant funding!

The ukuleles have arrived!

The HEF Great Ideas Grant I received in November 2017 has funded the purchase of ukuleles for our Rossiter music room! They have all arrived, along with lots of ukulele music, accessories, and a very fancy storage rack. The third grade is working diligently to develop the fine motor skills and coordination to play these instruments–with great progress so far!

If you are not familiar with the Helena Education Foundation, I encourage you to visit their website and learn about the wonderful and generous ways they support Helena teachers and students. In addition to my ukulele grant, HEF awarded Jennifer Loomis not one but two Great Ideas Grants, one last year for the climbing wall, and another this year to embellish the climbing wall with exciting accessories. Rossiter is truly so fortunate to have the support and energy of the Helena Education Foundation supporting our teachers!

Past Performances

Rossiter has been fortunate to have a great relationship with The Myrna Loy Center who helps bring world-class musicians into the schools. Check out the performers who have visited Rossiter in the past!

Spring 2018: The Fretless

Fall 2017: Villalobos Brothers